Civil Litigation

The courts allow parties a peaceful way to resolve their disputes.  This is an important aspect of a civil society.  We help our clients protect their rights by filing complaints to hold people accountable or defending rights against the claims of others.

Estate planning

It is important to plan for unforeseeable events and ensure those you care about receive help.  We provide our clients with various solutions to ensure everything from finances to medical decisions are carried out how they want.  We provide solutions through wills, trusts, advanced directives, power of attorney, HIPPA Waivers and other instruments..   

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Family Law

We help our clients with issues in family law including divorce, custody, alimony, child support, division of property, grandparent visitation, prenuptial agreements, equitable distribution, separate property, marital assets, modification, mediation, and petitions.

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Tyler A. Woodworth, P.C.